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Android Studio Dolphin update is now on scene

Android Studio Dolphin

Android Studio has a new stable update, the fourth since 2021, when version numbers became alphabetical animals. As a result, we’re looking at ‘D’ for ‘Dolphin’ and improving Wear OS development and Jetpack Compose operations.

Dolphin is already in Canary. Google introduced Electric Eel on the Canary channel at its I/O Developer Conference today. The latest beta and Canary releases of Android Studio include new capabilities including the ability to observe Compose animations in Animation Preview, resize the emulator for large-screen devices, pair and control Wear OS emulators, and launch tiles, watch faces, etc. directly from Android Studio, and more. This post examines the latest beta release.

What’s new?

IntelliJ 2021.3 contains a beta of IntelliJ’s remote development platform, all-tabs font scaling, and greater Markdown support. If you utilize Gradle virtual devices, you may now programme and coordinate them to test to order.

You may jog through keyframes or the entire timeline with Jetpack Compose’s Animation Preview inspector. If you regularly generate preview screens with @Preview, you can now define an annotation class to do it automatically. Layout Inspector now provides a recomposition counter for when your interface refreshes too quickly.

Wear OS

Android Studio is still catching up to developers’ needs for Wear OS 3 (despite Samsung’s Galaxy Watches). A new pairing assistant helps you attach a phone to a virtual watch without ADB. If you’re running the watch in emulation, the toolbar includes side button presses and a full-screen palm cover. If you have a complicated app, you can use new run/debug configurations to sort out the wrinkles before releasing an update.

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