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Home » After Android 13 upgrade, several Pixel 6 customers notice battery drain.

After Android 13 upgrade, several Pixel 6 customers notice battery drain.

Pixel battery drain

Google submitted Android 13 to AOSP in mid-August after months of beta testing. Despite correcting 150 Pixel-specific flaws, the upgrade has problems. Users reported wireless charging and RCS difficulties soon after the OS’s debut. Pixel owners had further issues after upgrading Android 13. Many Pixel 6 customers had to charge their phones numerous times a day due to significant battery drain.

Pixel 6 customers are complaining on Google’s support site and Twitter about Android 13’s battery life. Most Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users report needing an afternoon charge. The issue seems to primarily affect Google’s flagship phones from 2021, as there are no such complaints from Pixel 4a or 5a users. After installing the latest Android update, one of our Pixel 6 units had lower battery life and higher idle drain. There’s no known repair or workaround for the increased idle drain. Your only option is to not upgrade your Pixel from Android 12 to Android 13 if you have not already done so.

Google is yet to acknowledge the issue. The firm has a support website for Pixel battery depletion issues. After applying a significant OS update, many optimization procedures run in the background, draining the battery. Pixel 6 customers on Android 13 aren’t seeing their battery life return to normal after a few days. This suggests that the issue could be related to an underlying bug.

In the second-to-last beta of Android 13, battery life was amazing, and it looks to be a software issue. Until Google offers an official confirmation or software path, here are various workarounds that may fix battery drain. Some reports say they don’t work. Please tell me which worked in the comments.

Here are some ways to speed up Google’s fix:

Settings -> Tips & assistance -> Comment. “Describe the Android 13 battery drain issue.” Video or screenshots help developers find the problem.


Settings -> Tips & assistance -> Contact: For faster service, call.

To Conclude. . .

Before applying these changes, back up your data. As this remedy isn’t official, you’re taking a risk, and I’m not liable if you can’t fix the phone.

Let’s look at the first fix after the disclaimer.

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