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1Password 8 is here for Android and IOS

1Password 8

1Password 8 for Mac and Windows released in May with a new design and features. The team has now released 1Password 8 for Android with a customizable home screen. However if you haven’t already, use a password manager to store login info and other sensitive data. My favorite password manager is 1Password. Moreover it’s available on all major platforms and has a polished UI.

1Password’s redesigned home screen emphasizes speed and new icons. Customize the home screen by hiding/unhiding items, reordering them, and pinning fields. If you often access credit card details from the password manager, pin it to the home screen. A new navigation bar makes it easy to view and search stored items.

We asked customers what they wanted from 1Password 8 for iOS and Android before developing it. With this knowledge, we made the tasks as fast and easy as possible. 1Password 8 delivers mobile speed.

In addition, your new home screen, I mean home screen. You can hide, unhide, and reorder these items in 1Password. You can pin item fields for instant access.

Moreover the new design includes an updated, always-available navigation bar so you can:

  • access your home screen Quickly: Here are your favourites, recent items, and other quick-access items.
  • Access all items across all your accounts: Tags and vaults. Here’s everything.
  • Search everything: The search field is focused when you tap the button. Start typing to search.
  • Enhance your security: One-tap access to mobile Watchtower.

Furthermore you can now autofill credit card details, one-time passwords, and addresses faster with autofill. Collections let you create context-specific vault groups. Create a work vault with all office login credentials, for example.

1Password 8 redesigned Watchtower. If your saved login credentials are compromised, an alert will appear. Moreover it will also score “key security data points” like weak and compromised passwords locally. Depending on your score, you can improve your online security.

Since 1Password 8 is a major upgrade, the team isn’t pushing it. 1Password 7 can’t be upgraded to the latest version. However you must reinstall 1Password 8 from the Play Store. After 14 days, 1Password requires a subscription.

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